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Soy mariangelesd , una mujer buscando una pareja. Acerca de mí Enamorada de la vida, me gustan los niños, bailar y cocinar. Acerca de mí Apasionada de mi trabajo, el hecho de estar con niños y niñas te enseña mucho de la vida su contexto, su familia todo lo que le rodea en su entorno. Soy mariangeles saavedra , una mujer buscando una pareja. Soy jazmines , una mujer buscando un hombre entre 31 y 50 años en Albacete, Albacete, España. Acerca de mí Soy persona honesta madura sencilla sensible con deseos de tener amistades con iguales virtudes.

Soy diana odalys , una mujer buscando un hombre entre 30 y 60 años en Chinandega, Chinandega, Nicaragua. Acerca de mí Soy una persona muy respetuosa. Con la venta de refrescos, en el mercado sostuvo como madre soltera a sus nueve hijos, y los logró sacar adelante. Durante la lucha contra la dictadura, refugió a los guerrilleros de la zona urbana de Chinandega y participó en todo tipo de actividades de la resistencia. Ya después del triunfo, fue electa diputada por dos períodos por el FSLN en En ese cargo, participó activamente en la construcción de la Constitución Política y la valoración de las opiniones de las mujeres.

August 16, at 3: Over the last 40 years, this largely agricultural region bordering Honduras, has been host to the development of a number of small businesses, a great number of which are owned by women who received loans from the organization. Alejandra Cuadra is a community leader in Somotillo and has been selling plantains and enchiladas for the last 10 years.

She used the funds to invest in and grow her business. I tiled my floor and repaired the old walls, and right now I am working on expanding one of my rooms. Most importantly, I am healthy because Pro Mujer provides us with health services.

Movimiento Autónomo de Mujeres de Nicaragua

The new center will provide teller service and serve more than 1, clients. By the end of the year, we project that we will double our client base in the area and reach 3, women. Reaching Somotillo is a very important step.

It is one of the poorest areas and is in great need of our services, especially our health services. Because it is a pathway for those coming from or leaving for Honduras, there is a high rate of HIV infection, as well as other illnesses that affect women. And what we are achieving as a team brings us a real sense of satisfaction. August 16, at Pro Mujer staff, clients, VPS members and supporters. In this way, empowering women creates a multiplier effect. The daughter of a Pro Mujer client comes to a communal bank meeting with her mother.

Joining us on this trip were longtime Pro Mujer supporters, including: Nicaragua was the first country outside of Bolivia where Pro Mujer was founded in that Lynne Patterson and Carmen Velasco selected to advance their mission of helping empower Latin American women living in poverty.

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Over the course of two decades, PMN has provided Nicaraguan women with 64, educational workshops covering a variety of subjects including communications skills, sexual and reproductive health and domestic violence, and has performed 77, health consultations. While PMN has done a great deal to advance the wellbeing of economically marginalized women and their families, there are many more women who still need to be reached. Despite the many hardships facing its people, there is something almost mystical about the country, a feeling I had the first time I traveled there and one rekindled during this visit.

She faced poverty and gender discrimination as a child, and eventually earned a degree as an Agricultural Engineer, a male-dominated profession in her country. Gloria is a mother to three grown children, a grandmother to a new grandson, and has been married for 28 years. She joined Pro Mujer 15 years ago as its first credit officer and todayshe is Country Director. Gabriela Salvador, MD, MPH, our Director of Health and Human Development who oversees our global health program, gives the group a presentation on our health pilot program and explains how Pro Mujer is addressing the increasingly serious issue of chronic disease.

These diseases include hypertension, diabetes, sexual and reproductive health problems, and breast and cervical cancers, and are pandemic within the segment of the population we serve. Marta Garcia in one of the consultation rooms of the Pro Mujer clinic.

Afterwards, we move next door to the new wing of the center, a beautiful, colonial-style building with a lush garden in the center, foot ceilings and beautiful wood paneling and detail throughout. The new wing behind the three large wooden doors and the two garage doors to the left of the Leon center made possible by Pro Mujer supporters. Here we meet with local team members to learn their personal stories, how they came to work for Pro Mujer and how the lives of their clients, as well as their own, have changed.

Their stories are both funny and moving, but one speaker really stands out. She relates the story of how she was born into poverty and abuse. As an adult, that abuse changed hands and continued until she was finally able to break the cycle a little over a year ago. You can read her first-person account as told to the group by clicking here.

Gloria Ruiz leads the discussion between Pro Mujer supporters and international staff members left and local employees right. Eight client leaders then shared their personal testimonies, telling us about the challenges they faced when they first came to Pro Mujer and how much their lives have changed since. All of these women were born into poverty. Many had limited access to education, were victims of domestic violence and were raising their children alone. Despite these obstacles and as a result of their hard work and perseverance, their children are attending university and becoming doctors, lawyers and engineers.

This new generation, the one they helped raise and educate, will be the generation that helps rebuild Nicaragua. The evening closed with a traditional Baho, a dinner of typical Nicaraguan food including beef, plantains and yucca wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Traditional music played in the background and we sat down to share a meal with the client leaders and staff. On the morning of Day 2, we found ourselves shadowing one of our mobile credit officers, Rosa María Ramirez. Rosa is about 25 years old and beams with positive energy. She spends her day crisscrossing the rough, rural roads around Leon on a dirt bike in order to attend to her clients.

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Pro Mujer credit officers traverse rough roads day in and day out. Now imagine it during the rainy season. To ensure their safety, credit officers call in or send a text message every time they depart from and arrive at a communal bank meeting. Our first visit of the day is to a communal bank called Divina Pastora.

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The group consists of approximately 20 women who are in their 25 th loan cycle, which means that they have been with Pro Mujer for approximately 12 years. They are particularly proud of the fact that they have been with Pro Mujer for so long, as they are among the pioneering women of microfinance in Nicaragua. It is a particularly special day for them as Lynne and Carmen will be sitting in on their meeting.

...y empieza a buscar pareja sin ninguna restricción.

When we arrive, we are greeted with a red and white tape that Lynne and Carmen are to cut. After the meeting we have a chance to ask the women questions and learn more about their experiences. At the end of our time with them, the women of Divina Pastora share homemade candies with us and send us on our way with sandwiches and something to drink for the journey ahead. Our last visit is to a client named María Concepción Moran. The post, which you can read here , is a first-person account as to how her life changed as a result of a housing loan she received from Pro Mujer.

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  • Like so many women we spoke to on this trip, she talks of the hardships of growing up poor. As an adult, she and her husband lived in homes made of plastic and cardboard boxes that she and her children would pick out of the trash to use for walls and a roof. For years they lived in miserable conditions. The slightest drop of rain would come straight through the roof. Things only got worse when her husband was laid off from work and their only source of income was what she made from ironing clothes.

    A friend told her about Pro Mujer. She used the proceeds from the loan to buy goods to open a small store in the front of her house. Since then she has expanded her store and put up concrete walls. Then, María Concepción throws us all a curve ball. Just when things seem to be going so well for her, she tells how us how a Pap smear performed at one of our health clinic came back positive for pre-malignant uterine cancer.

    Fortunately it was detected early and the prognosis seems relatively good. In fact, she was going in for surgery the following week. It was an emotional visit but one that left us all feeling very happy. We were able to learn from one another and it was a true testament to what we can accomplish together.

    Solteras cristianas de Chinandega gratis.

    Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. Stay tuned for more information about the next Encuentro. March 26, at 8: La Sociedad llamada como las Co-Fundadoras de Pro Mujer Lynne Patterson y Carmen Velasco , es un grupo diverso de líderes filantrópicos dedicados a crear conciencia y a apoyar financieramente el trabajo de Pro Mujer de romper el ciclo de la pobreza de mujeres empobrecidas de América Latina.

    Nuestros donantes son verdaderamente inversores. De esta manera, el empoderamiento de la mujer crea un efecto multiplicador. La hija de una clienta de Pro Mujer participa de una reunión de banco comunal con su madre. Nicaragua fue el primer país fuera de Bolivia donde Pro Mujer fue fundada en que Lynne Patterson y Carmen Velasco seleccionaron para avanzar su misión de ayudar a empoderar a las mujeres de América Latina.

    En el transcurso de dos décadas, PMN ha proporcionado Como en muchos otros países en desarrollo, las mujeres constituyen la mayoría de la población marginada económicamente de Nicaragua. Una alta proporción de hogares en Nicaragua tienen una mujer como cabeza de familia: A pesar de las muchas dificultades que enfrenta la gente nicaraguense, hay algo casi místico en este país.

    Es un sentimiento que tuve la primera vez que viajé allí y se reavivó a lo largo de esta visita. El primer día de nuestro viaje comienza con comentarios inspiradores de bienvenida hechos por la Directora de PMN, Gloria Ruiz. Ella superó una infancia de pobreza y discriminación de género para obtener un título como ingeniera agrícola, una profesión dominada por los hombres en su país.